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So the utility can be used by non-technical or technical users. It has all the smart features which surely provide complete data migration without missing any information. To take complete trust on its migration processing, we provide free trial edition using which you can export 10 emails from Windows Live Mail to Mac Mail without any charges or cost.

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Download free converter online tool which surely helps to understand or learn the working procedure of the migration without any trouble. The software has been designed after thinking about all your requirements for the migration of Live Mail emails to Apple Mail. And now days, everyone would like a speedy and brief process for complete migration. So the tool provides facility to export all files into Apple Mail in one time processing.

You don't need to worry about your data as the software retains everything as it is.

Download Windows Live Essentials for PC and Mac (Free)

The Software is Windows Based application and for this migration, you have to convert Windows Live Mail email folder into. The software is very simple solution and supports very easy steps to convert emails folder of Live Mail into Apple Mail. So any non-technical user can also use it any time for the migration.

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Moreover, the program has no limitation for size or quantity of emails to convert them into Apple Mail. The utility provides several advance functions and "Save Attachments" in one of them to save your attachments at your desired location from emails. If you have attached data with emails and want to save Windows Live Mail attachments separately from emails then you can save at your chosen location, without even performing the migration process. Follow the mentioned steps with some screenshots of tool. Can I use this software on my Mac system?

How can I be assured of this software working? After that you can purchase the licensed edition of the software.

Full Specifications

What is the use of Save Attachments option? Yes, Using Save Attachments option, you can save the attachments at your desired location. There is no need to perform the conversion process, but you have to select all the messages individually for saving their corresponding attachments. Does this software supports Windows 10 OS?

Yes, the tool supports all Windows 32bit and 64bit editions, including Windows 10, 8.

Setting up an email in Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a free email application, developed by Microsoft. It is the default mail client of Windows 7, 8, 8. It offers a range of features, that are:. Mac Mail, developed by Apple Inc. The additions include image stabilization and the sane can be integrated into background music services to help the users to enjoy the movies.

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  • The users can delve deeper into the audio editing with some new handy tricks for increasing narration, music or video for the projects. Text overlaid on video can be outlined. The users who have struggled with text color, choice and text placements can sign a relief. With the sound tracks the users can enjoy and add more charm to the videos. The users can fetch the audio from the audio micro or choose songs from the collection. The users can get the options by clicking on the audio music tab.

    Waveform video visualization has been added to the both the video and the music tracks to perform the cut and trim function. The users while making the video tutorial or when the users need to add some narration the users can do so by adding the narration from the audio file and or record the narration using PC. The new movie maker provide the option to add text with different effects. The users can also add an outline to make it differentiating from the background. The default H video format is getting popular for camera and video sharing due to its quality and easier to publish videos on sharing sites The videos will be converted and saved by new movie manger in the H default format.

    Download Windows Live Essentials The users are installing the Windows Live Essential and has made it a part of the Windows user Standard installation The windows live Essentials which are familiar and set of applications do much to make windows to come to life as a useful productivity tool.

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